Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skate or Urban: Skurban Hits the Streets for Fall 2008

So Fall/Winter 2008 is coming soon. It’s been a month or so since I’ve posted something. I thought it was only appropriate that I write on something that I’ve noticed myself leaning towards more and more – Urban or Street Wear. To prepare for this piece, I checked out some of the local joints and hit the streets to check on what’s shaking in this underground culture of fashion.

Color. Print. Block Lettering. Integration of electronics. Lifestyle association. These were some of the common themes I was seeing for the current season. And in general, the fashion industry is incorporating a lot of the themes in SS2008 in their FW2008 collections. You will be seeing a lot of the brighter colors complementing the traditional nature hues during the colder months. How will street wear aficionados respond? Here’s how.

Trend 1: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Color to the Nines.
Some of the color palettes for Fall 2008 are colors inspired by worldly travel and earthy ambitions. Translated into streetwear fashions, I’m foreseeing these colors being “neonized” and blended with pieces that have base nature colors. In the show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I remember Will Smith and Jazzy Jazz wearing a lot of these loud colored shirts or jackets.

You’ll be seeing a lot more color this coming season. Here are some color samples:

Neonized Blue Iris

Neonized Shady Green

Neonized Aurora Red

Trend 2: Kicks rule!
Recently I’ve been hooked on the return of the AirForce1s and the Nike Waffle Racers. Just need to have them in the most unique colors and patterns. You will see a lot edgier, unconventional, radical, unique patterns from sneaker manufacturers this season. Neon. Alligator skin trims. Graffiti inspired print. Statement soles – soles which either make a statement because of what they’re made from (i.e. recycled rubber) or simply because a unique statement is written on them, seen when one is cross-legged. Here are some of the kicks that will soon hit the streets.

Nike-Fall 2008

Addidas-Fall 2008

Trend 3: Skurban – a marriage of skate and urban wear!
So I was browsing through sites online and noticed one of the blogs using the term “skurban”. Sounds like this style term was first coined in the UK but was quickly popularized by artists like Pharrell Williams. I did more digging into this. If you’ve seen the following combinations then you’ve seen skurban wear. Skinny jeans and loose fitting hoodie. Tailored pant with baggy ski jacket. Baggy jeans with a slim fitting blazer. And of course, everything I just mentioned with some loud sneaks. For FW2008, you will be a seeing a lot more of this style of clothing among skaters and celebrities a like.

Feel free to drop a line. Peace out!