Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Photographer: Jasna Stojanovic
Style Artist: Paulo Vallejo
Jeans by Parasuco Denim Legend
Shirt by INC.
Fedora by Quicksilver


Photographer: Jasna Stojanovic
Style Artist: Paulo Vallejo
Shirt by H&M
Shoes: "King" by Puma


Photographer: Jasna Stojanovic
Style Artist: Paulo Vallejo
Shirt by INC.
Jeans by Parasuco Denim Legend

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Roll Up your Sleeves...In Style

You just got to work and everyone is in a frenzy. Everyone looks haggard and stressed. Of course, you maintain your cool. You take off your blazer and slowly unbutton the cuffs of your sleeves to get ready for business. In today's economic times, this scenario is all too common. Part of staying cool is looking cool as well. And Italians make the art of rolling your sleeves easy and sexy. Here are some steps on how to roll it, Italian style.

The Italian way of rolling your shirt sleeve is simple. The fold
never goes past your elbow. And the fold is tight and flat; no bulk.

Step 1 - Unbutton the cuffs at the bottom of your sl

Step 2 - Flip your cuff up, pull it towards you until it reaches mid elbow.

Step 3 - Ta
ke the fabric outside of the cuff and fold once or twice over depending on how thick you want your fold to be. Make sure that everything is flat.

Your final look should be similar to the images below.

How your sleeve is folded and how high it rises above your elbow, just like your style, speaks volumes about you. In last year's February issue of Esquire magazine, they provide a quick synopsis of how folded sleeves can be so telling about a man.

So roll it right. Dress it well. And carry it with pride. Keep looking good!

Friday, January 23, 2009

A new take on the Navy Pin Stripe Suit

Style Artist: Paulo Vallejo
Photographer: Jasna Stojanovic

Model: Vanja Gavric
Hair and Makeup: Laura
Navy Pin Stripe Suit by Club Monaco

Red Suede Ankle Boot by Nine West

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new vision of hope. A resurgence of style in the White House.

President-elect Barack Obama gets inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America on Tuesday, Jan 20. Never has there been this much scrutiny into what the incoming president, his first lady, his children will be wearing for the big event since John F. Kennedy took office in 1961 together with his wife Jacqueline. John F. Kennedy popularized the RayBan Wayfarer, the slim fitting suits, and the summer sweater. Jacquie O with her big, dark sunglasses set the style for the early sixties (and today) with her clean suits, sleeveless A-line dresses and the pillbox hat that she often wore. Both are still style icons decades later.

After much research, I've confirmed
that for the inauguration ball, Barack Obama will be wearing a Hart Schaffner Marx tuxedo. Hart Schaffner Marx is label out of Des Plaines, Illinois. They've been in the business of fine gentleman wear for a 121 years and is the largest manufacturer of menswear in the United States. The tux jacket will be a single-button, satin notch-lapel while the trousers will have a single pleat with a gross grain accent. Given his Classic personal style, Barack will most likely be wearing a simple white tuxedo shirt with a regular collar and a silk bow-tie.
As a watch enthusiast, I was curious to find out what Barack had on his wrist. He has a couple of watches that he wears. His everyday watch is Tag Heuer Series 1500 Two-Tone Diver. First released in 1991, this timepiece was not only reasonably priced but was also a fully functional divers watch with water resistance to 200 meters, screw-down crown, double safety clasp, unidirectional turning bezel, scratch proof sapphire glass, and luminous pointers. Today, Tag Heuer continues to be one of my favorite watch makers. They come up with the most avant-garde, yet functional time pieces a guy can have.

For the inauguration ball, he will most likely be wearing his Secret Service Chronograph-JGC6500 Chrono made by Jorge Gray. This watch is an exclusive time piece only worn by Secret Service Agents and was given to Barack on his 46th birthday.

Barack Obama represents every man, woman and child in America if not the world. His roots confirm that every dream is possible. His vision spans all races, cultures and countries. His honesty, personal truth and conviction is what brings this world hope. And his style reflects confidence, leadership and grace.

Welcome Mr. President!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Short Stay Bags - The Ultimate Accessory for the Metrosexual

I just finished watching a few SS 2009 men's fashion shows on You Tube. One thing stood out. Men's bags are taking center stage as the main accessory complementing great designer collections. From the camera bag to the weekender bags, designers are seeing the value of the Man Purse or Man Bag in telling the lifestyle story of their collections. And given the growing popularity of short, weekend trips here are some of my picks for Men's Bags for the metrosexual man in all men.

One of my favorites is the Peter Millar Luxe Satchel. Made with polyvinyl, the bag looks more expensive than its price tag of $295. It also has a lot of cargo space in the main compartment, a side pouch for small items and a detachable shoulder strap to suite your carrying preference. Available online at .

Less is more when it comes to garment bags. A garment bag usually holds about 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants or two suits at the most. If you try to stuff too much, the bag becomes more of a pouch and the sleek lines of the bag quickly disappear. Mullholland Brothers, a luxury leather goods brand, makes a great garment bag in the Simple Garment Bag. Its simple, elegent and functional details makes this piece one of my favorites for short trips. The distinct half fold, zippers on three sides, and the rolled leather handles makes this a must have for the busines traveller. The Simple Garment Bag is available in 8 colors and is priced from $230-550. Available on .

On a weekend trip, you'll need at least a couple pairs of shoes; dress and casual. If you have enough room in your carry-all, maybe even a sport shoe for that run you do at 6am. Mulholland Brothers also does a great job on their weekender bags. The M-Series Weekend Bag is a great piece with timeless functionality and style. Made with the brand's Endurance Performance textile (some pieces are in the collection are made with a matte-finish leather) and low-sheen titanium silver hardware, the collection looks great with a suit or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The M-Series is all about modernity, structure, and elegance for the man on the go. The bag costs $390. Available on .

Friday, January 2, 2009

Style Tips from Head to Toe for 2009

It’s that time of year where everyone has an “I want to be _____in 2009” list. Last night, I heard Will Smith say in an interview on New Year’s Resolutions, “I don’t believe in resolutions. If it was important enough, you should have done it a long time ago. You don’t need a change in year to resolve something”. So this is not a resolution list, but rather a set of tips that I feel are important to know everyday.

Get a new "Do". Personal grooming works hand in hand with a great wardrobe. A new hairstyle does wonders to your appearance. In fact, it sometimes determines the rest of your wardrobe. Key hairstyle trends for guys are the school boy and rocker cut. The school boy look is evident with parting of the hair to one side. The rocker is a cut where you have a lot of fringe or bangs. See images below. Also get into the habit of moisturizing your face. Healthy skin makes you look younger.

2) Perform a Wardrobe Audit and Closet Makeover. Take a look at your closet. Review what you own and make sure you have strong basic pieces. Understand how each piece works with the others in creating your look. If you need to buy new pieces, make sure they are as classic as possible. Investing in a good quality classic item will serve as your foundation for future purchases. Work with a friend (preferably female) or hire a personal stylist to help you determine what to keep and what to get rid off. If you didn’t wear it in 2008, you won’t wear it in 2009. Trust me!

3) Utilize your size. Buying clothes that fit your shape is an essential wardrobing tip. Most guys buy a size bigger for whatever reason. 100% c otton shirts have a maximum shrinkage of 2%. So if you’re really a large, and you buy an extra-large, the chances of it fitting properly after a wash are slim. Speaking of slim, the tailored look will still be seen a lot in 2009. Get your neck, arms, chest, waist measured by your tailor and keep these measurements in your wallet.

4) Keep your shoes clean. Whether it’s a pair of sneakers, loafers or boots, the best way to mess up your look is to wear a pair of scuffed up and muddy shoes. There are two things that determine where a man is in life, the watch on his wrist and the shoes on his feet. Make sure your shoes reflect the man you are!

5) Know thyself. A new you is based on who you want to be and not what other think you should be. The clothes you wear are a reflection of who you are at a point in time. Understand what your goals are for 2009. Pick what clothes will best suit you to achieve those goals. Identify what image you want to convey to others. Work from the inside out.

Happy 2009 everyone!