Sunday, January 25, 2009

How to Roll Up your Sleeves...In Style

You just got to work and everyone is in a frenzy. Everyone looks haggard and stressed. Of course, you maintain your cool. You take off your blazer and slowly unbutton the cuffs of your sleeves to get ready for business. In today's economic times, this scenario is all too common. Part of staying cool is looking cool as well. And Italians make the art of rolling your sleeves easy and sexy. Here are some steps on how to roll it, Italian style.

The Italian way of rolling your shirt sleeve is simple. The fold
never goes past your elbow. And the fold is tight and flat; no bulk.

Step 1 - Unbutton the cuffs at the bottom of your sl

Step 2 - Flip your cuff up, pull it towards you until it reaches mid elbow.

Step 3 - Ta
ke the fabric outside of the cuff and fold once or twice over depending on how thick you want your fold to be. Make sure that everything is flat.

Your final look should be similar to the images below.

How your sleeve is folded and how high it rises above your elbow, just like your style, speaks volumes about you. In last year's February issue of Esquire magazine, they provide a quick synopsis of how folded sleeves can be so telling about a man.

So roll it right. Dress it well. And carry it with pride. Keep looking good!


Miranda Sam said...

I love style tips like this! Keep it up

Zion's Fire said...

Thank you so much I had trouble with stupid sleeved but now I'll get it right!

Thomas said...

I must be an idiot because I've read and reread it and still don't get how to do it :(

Anonymous said...

didnt help at all thanks for nothing

Anonymous said...

gonna cry my self to sleep cos i dont know how to roll a stupid work shirt :(

Anonymous said...

Actually the big question is where should you stop? below or above the elbow?

Anonymous said...


Half way up the forearm is correct.

Not at or above the elbow. You look like a hayseed.

Women Leather Blazer said...

nice post love it