Sunday, January 11, 2009

Short Stay Bags - The Ultimate Accessory for the Metrosexual

I just finished watching a few SS 2009 men's fashion shows on You Tube. One thing stood out. Men's bags are taking center stage as the main accessory complementing great designer collections. From the camera bag to the weekender bags, designers are seeing the value of the Man Purse or Man Bag in telling the lifestyle story of their collections. And given the growing popularity of short, weekend trips here are some of my picks for Men's Bags for the metrosexual man in all men.

One of my favorites is the Peter Millar Luxe Satchel. Made with polyvinyl, the bag looks more expensive than its price tag of $295. It also has a lot of cargo space in the main compartment, a side pouch for small items and a detachable shoulder strap to suite your carrying preference. Available online at .

Less is more when it comes to garment bags. A garment bag usually holds about 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants or two suits at the most. If you try to stuff too much, the bag becomes more of a pouch and the sleek lines of the bag quickly disappear. Mullholland Brothers, a luxury leather goods brand, makes a great garment bag in the Simple Garment Bag. Its simple, elegent and functional details makes this piece one of my favorites for short trips. The distinct half fold, zippers on three sides, and the rolled leather handles makes this a must have for the busines traveller. The Simple Garment Bag is available in 8 colors and is priced from $230-550. Available on .

On a weekend trip, you'll need at least a couple pairs of shoes; dress and casual. If you have enough room in your carry-all, maybe even a sport shoe for that run you do at 6am. Mulholland Brothers also does a great job on their weekender bags. The M-Series Weekend Bag is a great piece with timeless functionality and style. Made with the brand's Endurance Performance textile (some pieces are in the collection are made with a matte-finish leather) and low-sheen titanium silver hardware, the collection looks great with a suit or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The M-Series is all about modernity, structure, and elegance for the man on the go. The bag costs $390. Available on .


lisa said...

Nice finds! I think "metrosexual" is such a funny term when applied to these bags. They serve a very practical purpose for a man who travels a lot whether he calls himself a metrosexual or not, and besides, if you care even a teensy bit about design you'd want a bag that looks good, no?

Your Stylist said...

That's true. They do serve a practical purpose for the seasoned traveler. However, my observation is that the guys who really care about the fine details of these accessories are also the same guys who care about themselves and the clothes they wear. And these guys, most times fall under the "metrosexual" category.