Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Trends: Color and Texture

Although its still a bit chilly, winter is on its way out. Winter coats are going back to storage and are being replaced by Anoraks and blazers. Military or "Bad Ass" boots are taking a back seat to AirForce1s, boat shoes and loafers. Black and Gray are out colored by Sunset Red, Limoncello Yellow and Caribbean Blue. Dark washes of denim are being phased out. Slim legged, white denim and neutral colored trousers will soon be the norm. Lastly, Aviator and Wayfarers will continue to protect the eyes of the stylish man.

The Top 5 Trends for Spring 2009

1) Patterns. Whether it be plaid, pinstripe or polkadot, a lot of men this spring will be wearing blazers or t-shirts that have symmetrical/asymmetrical shapes on it. The more common ones you'll see will be pinstripes or checker. Mixing patterns with plain colors creates a very balanced look. If you are to combine patterns for a more creative look, make sure that the color of one pattern complements the color of the other. For example a black and white pinstripe blazer would look great with a plain fitted dress shirt and a white polka dot black tie.

2) Pop Color. Let's face it. Most guys are color blind. It's very rare to find a guy who can tell the difference navy blue and midnight blue. Our range for hues and tones is limited. So let's keep this simple. For spring, guys will be wearing more colored shirts, more colored pants, more colored shorts. You will see variances in shades of red, yellow, blue, green and neutrals (beige and gray). If you're not sure what color goes with what, pick up a color wheel from an art store. The colors that are directly opposite each other are complementary. Bright colored shirts go well with both light and dark colored trousers.

3) Crop Pants. Over the last few SS seasons, the only type of crop pants guys would wear are the ones made of linen or a light cotton. This season you'll see a bit heavier fabrics used in the crop pants. You'll see denim making a come back as well as treated nylons and cottons. There will also be variations in length. The more common crop pant is cut slightly below the knee. The fit will be slim with a bit more room in the knee area for bending.

4) Slim Blazers. The difference between a blazer and a jacket is that jackets tend to be more structured. Jackets are also usually patterned or textured while blazers tend to be plain. For those evening parties this season, you'll see a lot of guys dressing their jeans with a blazer usually beige, black, navy and for the more daring white. To take it even further, guys will be mixing blazers with their crop pants for a more Miami look.

5) Accessories. Straw Fedoras. Ray Ban Wayfarers or Aviators. Linen, Silk or Cotton Scarves. Totes or Book Bags. These will be a staple sight on the streets this season. Any one of these or a combination of 2 or more will finish off your look nicely.

Add more color and texture to your wardrobe this season. The more elements you can mix and match, the more unique your look will be.

Keep looking good!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is just around the corner....

It has been a crazy couple of weeks since I've been back from New York Fashion Week. And tomorrow we move our clocks forward an hour. Yes, Spring is around the corner and guys should be starting to tuck away those winter coats and pulling out some key transition pieces like light cardigan sweaters, linen or cotton scarves, and nylon trench coats. The black and grey in your wardrobe are turning into orange, beige, yellow, and blue.

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Stay in style!

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