Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010: Accessories to punch up your wardrobe

Color. Texture. Pattern. All of these are elements to making your once boring spring/summer wardrobe into one that is more interesting. Outside of buying that summer plaid shirt, there's a bunch of other things you can do to increase your cool factor. Here are my top picks for this season's MUST HAVE accessories:

The Straw Fedora
Ball caps are out. Beanies are no longer in season. If you want to be the cool guy in town, put a Fedora on your head. First used as an men's accessory in 1919, the fedora has made a return to mens wardrobes in the 90s. Popularized by the likes of Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman, Usher and Johnny Depp, fedoras make a great addition to your wardrobe. It brings "cool" to your casual or formal ensemble. 

Eric B Fedora, Goorin Brothers, $40

The Aviator
Also known as Pilot Glasses, Aviator style sunnies fit almost any face. It comes in either a plastic or metal frame, aviators easily be picked up at your local trend store like Urban Outfitters or H&M. If you want to go for the original, RayBan still makes the best aviators in the market today. 

Ray Ban Aviators, The Sunglass Hut, $139.95

Pocket Squares
What is a Pocket Square? Its a piece of fabric, typically silk, that one puts on the breast pocket of one's coat. This simple yet elegant accessory amplifies what was once a bland blazer or suit jacket. If you have a solid color jacket, I would recommend a printed pocket square. If you're wearing a blazer that has a pin stripe or a window pane print, I would suggest a solid color pocket square. And if you're really daring, I would go with a print on print combination.

Plaid Silk Pocket Square, John W. Nordstrom, $39.50

Driving Loafers
One of those pieces from the 80s that have also made a comeback, the driving loafer is the perfect roadtrip shoe. Comfortable enough to be a slipper, functional enough for managing your gas and brake pedals. Available in suede and full grain leather, the loafer can easily be worn with a cream linen suit, a pair of jeans and some good old Bermuda shorts. Definitely a must have this season.

"Air Grant" Loafer, Cole Haan, $148

The Tote 
Also known as the book bag, totes have come along way from the feminine image it once had. Today, men can easily carry a tote like it was an attache or messenger bag. The manly tote is usually very structured, made in leather, canvas or a bit of both. It also tends to have some simple details like rivets, buckles and straps.

Tote with Shoulder Strap, The Brothers Bray and Co, up to $100