Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall-Winter 2009: A mix of colors,function,sexiness and style.

The themes for this season's collections are sophistication and sexiness, tailored yet sporty, and lastly protected from the elements. And from a guy's perspective what else could be better than having a bit of each in your wardrobe. This Fall-Winter, the runways of New York, Milan and Paris were loaded with pieces that would excite any stylish man. From bold colors like prison orange, accessories like oversized scarves, tailored metallic suits to "modern day mad max" looks, Men's Fall Winter 09 has got to be one of the more exciting fashion seasons we've had in long while.

The Top Trends for this season are:

Color. The range of colors for guys this season is quite wide. Designers like Duckie Brown have infused their line palettes with Prison Orange. Where other designers like Lacoste have gone with more of a muted color scheme in Sandy Beige, Ash Gray, and Cocoa Brown.

Prison Orange Coat from Duckie Brown

Image by Dan Lecca for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, FW 2009, NYC.

Going Oversized. A lot of the pieces this season were cut a bit bigger than previous seasons where coats, trousers and even scarves were more tailored. The tailored look is still here to stay, but is being complemented by oversized pieces like scarves, trench coats and men's bags. Designers like Iceberg, Prosum, Duckie Brown, Louis Vouitton and Gianfranco Ferre donned their models with oversized scarves that well complemented their tailored pieces.

Oversized Scarf from Iceberg

Image by Marcio Madeira

Power Suits. Strikingly sexy. Tailored to fit your anatomy. Detailed construction. These types of suits (either full or suit separates) will be a mainstay this season. ZZegna, Calvin Klein, and Jill Sander presented a collection of not only tailored suits, but bright colored and metallic suits as well. Some designers have also brought back the double breasted but this time with a twist. Double breasted jackets this time around have a sleek silouhette, much tailored fit and distinct details.

Metallic Suit from Calvin Klein

Image by Dan Lecca for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, FW 2009, NYC.

The Long and Short of It. How do you mix an extra long tank with a motorcycle jacket? How do you bring back acid wash jeans and combine it with a distressed coat? Labels like William Rast, Rag and Bone, Dior Homme how it can be done. Their collections this season incorporate extra long t-shirts with leather jackets, anorak jackets, winter coats and vests. William Rast also brought back the acid wash jean to go with the Long-Short look communicating a modern day mad max sense of style for today's man.

Long Dress Shirt underneath a Tailored 2-button Blazer, William Rast Fall Winter 2009

Image by Kris Krug of Static Photography.

There's a lot to look forward to this Fall-Winter. As always, keep trends in perspective, strive for a balanced look and know who you are and what looks good on you.


lisa said...

I had to chuckle at "prison orange." In other news, I predict Alcatraz chic will be huge next year. Huge. ;-)

paulo said...

i love the color! very fall especially with brown. great for women's looks as well. tweed skirt, prison orange cashmere sweater, brown riding boots. ;)

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