Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cutler and Gross: To be SEEN rather than To SEE

A trip to London wouldn’t be a complete without a visit to Cutler and Gross, the UK’s premier eyewear designer. With two boutiques in Knightsbridge, London, Vintage and Flagship, it was great to see was this label was up to over the last 40 years.

Vintage Boutique

Flagship Boutique 

Graham Cutler and Tony Gross are the men behind the brand. They are practically responsible for transforming the purpose of eyewear from “to see” to “to be seen”. Their pieces have graced the faces of celebrities like Elton John , Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and among many others.  The name is very much associated to one’s originality and flair. It transcends time. And its client base diverse.

I’ve personally been a fan of the brand since I first saw them at Vancouver’s best eyewear store, Bruce Eyewear. So during my visit to London, it was bound to happen that I take home a couple of pairs. Here are the members to my growing collection of eyewear pieces. If you’re in London, visit their Vintage boutique first, to see one of a kind, special editions pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. And then make a visit to their flagship store to see some unique, modern day collections. If you’re in Vancouver, Canada, come to Bruce Eyewear in Gastown. 

For more information on Cutler and Gross, click here 
For more information on Bruce Eyewear, click here


bruce said...

love the glasses. cutler and gross rocks.

lisa said...

Have I seen you wear your Cutler and Gross glasses before? In any case, the frames are quite unique!

Home lighting said...

I love those stairs they are awesome!!!