Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ISTYLEU's Favorite Thing # 2 - Premium "Tight" Gray Selvedge Jean from Cheap Monday

Gray is the new Black. Whether it a solid Dark or a washed out fade, gray is my "pick" color this season. One of my favorite things in stores now is Cheap Monday's Premium Gray Selvedge"Tight"Jean. What is selvedge? It means its never been washed or bathed. Its denim at its purest form. The Swedish brand known for its quality denim at a moderate price has created a nice fitting jean that looks amazing with a pair of cool sneakers or with a  distressed boot. 

The pant has a normal high waist with a long rise, tight fit and tapered leg. Given the unwashed nature of the jean, it can feel really snug. "Tight" is the original Cheap Monday fit born in 2004. The Premium Tight is an updated version using a higher end denim that has selvedge finishing  on inside seams. Check out Vincent Park and Cheap Monday. Retails for $155. 

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MisterT said...

this looks cool. hopefully it fits me. will make a trip to vincent park over weekend.

thanks for the post.