Monday, August 8, 2011

Playing outside this summer? Want to feel and look cool? Get these.

How long before those burgers are ready? Need some cool trainers to walk you to and from the liquor store? And don't forget to protect your eyes from those UV rays. While you're at it, look uber cool as well. Here are the must have for the dudes who love to play outside this season.

Vestal Watch - Destroyer Plastic 
This is the watch that says "cool and edgy". The modern and youthful touches, from the variety of colors it comes in to its sleek and tough looking exterior, makes this the perfect summer watch. And just case in you fall into the deep end of the beach, the watch will keep ticking for about 150 feet (30 Meters Water Resistant). And yes, I think its time for you to serve those burgers. MSRP $130.

Vestal - The Destroyer (Red)

Native Shoes - The Jefferson and The Miller
Where the Crocs have failed, Native has been successful. How? Simply put, Native has made EVA foam shoes COOL. It took cues from the Converse Chuck Taylor and Vans making them instantly recognizable. If you look at the Jefferson, you would think they were a pair of rubber Chucks, with lots of holes. The holes give these shoes ultimate breathability, which mean dry feet in the summer. EVA also has anti-microbial properties which keeps your feet stink-free. Lastly, because it looks cool and comes in an array of colors, they can work easily with a pair of chino shorts during the day or pants during the night. MSRP $55

Native Shoes. The Jefferson (Top) , The Miller (Bottom)

Vestal Eyewear - De Luna
The final piece to your cool ensemble, the De Luna. Honey Tortoise hand formed acetate frames, 100% UVA-UVB protection from the lenses. And the stainless steel touches complete the look for this 60's inspired eyewear creation from Vestal. These sunglasses can be worn when you drive to and from the liquor store, or when you're hanging out perfecting your tan. Great look and versatility all around! MSRP $120

Vestal Sunglasses: The De Luna
Have a great summer everyone. Continue to stay and look COOL.


Vanesa said...

I want the shoes! The Jefferson looks cool!

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merchant accounts said...

Stylish! Hope they are affordable.

vogue-sky said...

stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

Taylor Grace said...

Love your blog! xxx

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Taylor Grace said...

Love your blog! xxx
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Mensu said...

Love the shoes, pink is my color!!

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Alicia said...

Love love love your blog very helpful! Hoping to do something like this soon xx

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I like the Eyewear!!

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Nice collection you has! I like your fashion eyewear too

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