Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lacoste suggests stuffing your pants into your socks.

Lacoste has gone a long way from the preppy tennis shirts and crocodile logo we all have learned to love. Seen a lot during the summer time, I don't doubt that the pieces shown in this FW09 collection will soon be staples in men's closets everywhere. Sticking to the monochromatic and layered textured trends, Lacoste dares to be different by going with the Trinity Creme colored suit ensembles and the Sandy Beige coats. From there, they extended their color palettes to tones like Ash Grey and Cocoa Brown. The two most notable trends were the oversized sweaters, ankle high boat shoes and this whole "stuff your pants into your socks" thing.

My favorite looks from this show are:

Cocoa Brown Crushed Velvet Blazer with Gray Cardigan.

Three-Toned Striped knit sweater

Oversized Knitted Sweater

Sandy Beige Overcoat

Images by Kris Krug

1 comment:

Michi NYC said...

Hot models can make anything look stuffing your pants into your socks!

I saw someone rocking the trend today when I left my apartment...funny thing was that he also looked like he was a hot you think us common folk can pull it off??

Or...thought....maybe it's the pants tucking that makes them appear as hot models.

Get on it boys. Haha.