Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fireball Fedora: A Must Have for the Spring/Summer

Fedoras have made a strong comeback over the last couple of years. First worn in the 1920s to the mid 1960s, its return can be attributed to pop icon Justin Timberlake. Since then, men and women alike use the fedora to smarten up and "sexyfy" any outfit. In the colder seasons, fedoras are made from felt or wool. In the warmer months, fedoras are constructed in cloth, straw or paper. Hats in general make a great accessory. And in the summer months, they also serve as a shade from those harmful UV rays.

What makes a good Fedora? Construction is the first thing to look at. Is it stitched well? Does it go back to it original shape when crushed? If you tend to travel lots, chances are your fedora will be crushed either in your duffle or in between seats. The next thing to look at is fit. How comfortable is the inner band? Like a helmet, it should be comfortably snug. Your hat should also sit slightly above your ear. Color or pattern is also something to be considered. Hats are the closest accessory to your face next to eye wear. Make sure the color/pattern you pick looks good on you.

One of my favorites this season is the Fireball Fedora by eco-fashion pioneer LiVity Outernational. I have a few fedoras in my closet from other brands. What sets this fedora apart from the others I own is quality of construction but more importantly what the brand stands for. The Fireball Fedora's exterior is made from Raffia Straw that is sourced from a cooperative in Eastern Africa. Raffia Straw is the first memory retentive material that is available today. This becomes helpful especially when your fedora is crushed accidentally; it goes back to its original shape. The straw is tightly woven together suggesting that this hat will definitely last you a few seasons. There is also a soft woven twill band on the head and brim, giving the hat a solid structure and shape.

The interior band of the hat is made from hemp and organic cotton. It easily absorbs sweat during those hot summer days. It also feels better on your forehead compared to polyester bands that other companies use for their fedoras. Detailing on this fedora is simple and clean. Given that the hat already has a woven-in pattern, Livity has strategically used their Spirit symbol in finishing a clean and sophisticated fedora. Like any other products from LiVity, there is no overt symbol or logo.

In today's tough economic times, its hard to promote sustainability and eco-consciousnes when the alternatives costs less and are more profitable. LiVity Outernational is much more than a brand. Livity is Jamaican for a free, healthy living. Outernational is a view of the world with no no political or cultural boundaries. Together, the company stands for free and healthy living for global peoples. Using natural, renewable and recycled materials, LiVity has been putting out fresh designs for hats, bag and accessories since 2001. Great product + Great philosophy = Great Brand and Eco-Fashion Icon status.

Available online at LiVity Outernational.
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Miranda Sam said...

Great post. I want one for myself too. Where can we find them in Vancouver?

paulo said...

Hi Miranda,

Life of Riley on Main sells them.

Thanks for checking out the article.


Kevin said...

These hats aren't made for us guys with big heads.

Your Stylist said...

Actually for guys with rounder heads/faces, it works well. The crown of most fedoras are tall compared to other hats, giving one the illusion of a narrower face.

Your Stylist said...

Other stores in Vancouver that sells the Fireball:

Edie’s Hats
Dream Designs
Puff Pipes

Righty Grove said...

I'm a bit of a hat fiend - I thought that a short brim like that makes this a trilby, not a fedora. Since brimmed classic hats are enjoying a comeback, almost all of them are being called fedoras, but there are several specific names for the types based on the crown, brim , etc.