Monday, May 4, 2009

Style tips from my Momma

Mothers Day is coming up. So I thought I'd pay a quick tribute to Mom's everywhere. Most stylish men picked up their style sense from their Moms. Its Mom that picked our clothes when we were young. Its the wives that pick clothes for their husbands. Its the moms that dress the dads. The women in our lives have played a very special role in how we dress up. I thought I'd share some style tips I picked up from my mom growing up that I still use today.

1) Dark socks go with dark trousers. Do not wear white socks with black pants.
2) Always look distinguished. You never know who you're going to meet
3) Dress shoes are to be worn only for special events. And running shoes are just for running.
4) Always wear a pressed shirt. Don't look like you just came out of the dryer.
5) Shave. Moisturize.
6) Never wear too much cologne. Ladies don't like it.
7) Don't let the clothes wear you. Wear them with confidence.
8) Colored top. Neutral bottom. Basics of wardrobe coordination.
9) Its not about how much your shirt cost. Its how it fits you and how you carry yourself.
10) Be unique in what you wear. Don't look like everyone else.

Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.

Keep looking good!

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