Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 1 and 2 at LG Fashion Week...so far, so great

LG Fashion Week kicked off with quite a spectacle: Holt Renfrew's media reception and Sunny Fong's (Project Runway Canada 2009 Winner) VAWK fashion show . The Art Gallery of Ontario was packed with media, industry and fans of Sunny's work. In talking to Sunny later that evening, he mentioned to me that he chose to be away from the tents primarily "to be different and try something new". He did that as well with his collection.

Sunny Fong, VAWK
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

12 amazing pieces grazed the runway each of them with its own unique personality. What struck me the most was use of cut-outs in the gowns and the deep v-necks adorned by ruffles in the blouses. The suiting pieces I think will soon be a staple in every woman's wardrobe.
"The Group of Seven"
Photography by Angela Y. Martin

Following the VAWK show, the lucky few headed over to Holt Renfrew's Bloor Street location for the annual media welcome party. Alongside Canada's fashion elite, there was also a great mix of industry and entertainment representatives. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of Holt Renfrew own "Group of Seven", as Barbara Atkins, VP of Fashion Direction for Holt Renfrew puts it. In the group included Mikhael Kale, Lida Baday, Smythe, Jeremy Laing, Denis Gagnon, Greta Constantine, and Pink Tartan. Also spotted at the party were Joseph Mimran, head honcho for Joe Fresh who I will be meeting this Thursday, and Entertainment Tonight Canada host, Rick Campanelli.

Another big event that day was the 100 years of fashion presentation presented by L'Oreal Paris. As the fashion of today is determined by the fashion of tomorrow, the show was a glimpse to what influences we'll be seeing in the seasons to come. Corsets, flared trousers, bow ties, bubble skirts, the high waist, are some of the "vintage" styles that were presented at the show.

Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com
More images HERE

Day 2 began with Filipino designer Brian Maristela and his label Lizares at 3pm. As most filipinos are known for their ingenuity, Brian presented a spring summer collection dominated by variations of the "barong tagalog", the country's national formal garment made from pineapple fibers. He also combined this with treated linens and cottons for the shorts, pants and jackets, making luxurious ensembles for the guys next season.
Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com

Attention to detail is a trademark for this young designer. The blazer sleeves when rolled give a pop of color to a classic combination of black and white. The embroidery on all the barong's are impeccable. And lastly the use of leather in the lapels of jackets and pant panels was a sexy touch.
Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com

My sense is that Brian and his LIZARES line will hit mainstream soon. It may take some time for the West to adopt the barong as a staple shirt for the Spring and Summer seasons but if its positioned the way it was today, I only see great thing happening for this brand.

Brian Maristela and Lisa Harun for Lizares
Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollywood.com
More images HERE

Travis Taddeo followed Lizares with a "french revolution" of a street wear collection. Having talked to Travis the day before, I knew what to expect. Well, sort of. I didn't quite expect the kind of swimsuits women were wearing practically exposing everything from the waist down. But what I did expect was edgy, fashion forward, colorful mens and womens streetwear, and that I got.

Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com

For the men, the collection revolved around oversized t-shirts, ripped skinny or slim jeans and leather swimsuits. Not sure how leather functions in water, but who cares. Rarely does fashion work with function in the real world. One of my favorite pieces was the oversized shirt that had the ink blot print that resembles the letter "T" or is it?
Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com

For the women, there were some pieces that I thought raised a lot of eyebrows in the audience (I saw them), particularly the high cut swimsuits. High cut swimsuits are suppose to make women's legs look longer and hips slimmer. On a skinny model with barely fat to hold up the suit, I thought just didn't do the swimsuit justice.

Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com

Travis made a great effort to revolutionize the little black dress by combining leather and cotton jersey to make form fitting outfits that I'm sure will be a hit at the clubs and at patio parties during the season.

Monsieur Travis Taddeo
Photography by Steve Alkok for ToxicHollwood.com
More images HERE

In one of the women's tees, the print said "Children of the Revolution". Travis Taddeo and his collection are definitely that. More to come on my 1-1 interview with Travis.


Vee Bloom said...

I am friends with the photographer mentioned here and saw some of the VAWK shots right away. They are absolutely amazing. I love Sunny's new stuff. As always he is offering us something new. If you're a fan of his designs like I am - you need to see the piece he created for the White Cashmere Collection http://www.cashmere.ca

Your Stylist said...

Yup, agreed. His piece for the White Cashmere Collection is amazing. Greta Constantine and Evan&Dean's are also great.

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