Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 3 at LG Fashion Week: High Style, Not so much High Price

Its the third day of fashion week and everyone is looking forward to the evening shows. Attitude by Sears, Joe Fresh and Pink Tartan were all showing. And for lovers of great style, these three brands have a lot to offer. Attitude by Sears is a brand the major retailer bought from the now defunct Eaton's. According to Cynthia Florek, Trend Manager "With Attitude, Sears now has the opportunity to take on a new market, a new customer." The brand was launched last Fall and now carries a full line of pieces from head to toe.

Photography by Kimberly-Lynn

As the Attitude customer is describe by Florek as one who's "on trend. not trendy", the runway showed a lot of pieces that the modern woman can add to their wardrobe. The blends of neo-nautical themes, black and white color blocking, and occasional pops of coral presented a very well balanced collection for Attitude.

Photography by Kimberly-Lynn

I asked Cynthia what her key pieces for the season were and she said:
  • The Peg Pant
  • The Dress (Soft) Short
  • The Boyfriend Blazer
  • The Jumpsuit
  • The Oversized Tee
Photography by Kimberly-Lynn

As a woman of great style, I needed to ask for some fashion advice. Kept short and sweet, Cynthia's response "Mix it up". And with that I'm sure women all over will be mixing up their wardrobe with pieces from Attitude this Spring.

Following Attitude was Pink Tartan led by Kimberly Newport Mimran, the other half of Canada's fashion couple (the other being Joe Mimran, aka JOE Fresh). This season the line was dominated by 80's themes -- bold shoulders, glitzy sequin vest, and cropped jackets. But its not just like any rehashed garments or styles. Pink Tartan has infused it with enough luxury and glam that will make women want to go get it ASAP.

Photography by Angela Y. Martin

Some strong pieces from the collection
- the mini dress - the trench coat - the sequin dress - the "nautical" wrap dress

The third night of fashion week was capped with JOE Fresh, the high style - low price clothing label started by Joseph Mimran. Known as the JOE behind this value priced label, he has managed to make great style affordable to everyone. It was interesting to see how certain pieces from his wife's label Pink Tartan made it over to his collection except that his was priced for much less. On the men's side, true to his own personal style statement, Joe stuck with slim cut trousers, fitted cardigans and blazers.

I spoke with Joe prior to the show to get a better understanding of the brand. "JOE Fresh is about new product, fresh price. That's what I want people to remember." mentioned Joe. As most people know him more for his success with the Club Monaco label, I asked what lesson he took from that chapter in his life and has applied it to Joe Fresh. And he said "Never settle for anything less than the best".

And the best pieces I thought from this season's showing are:
  • For the women, its the use of the light, airy and yellow fabrics in the pleated skirts, oversized shirt dresses, and the shirt/jacket combinations
  • For the guys, yellow nylon jackets, sand colored slim chinos, and the contrast vee sweaters.

Photos by Angela Y. Martin, AYM Photography

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