Thursday, September 9, 2010

Menswear Top Trends F/W 2010

Its not always that you get an opportunity to hear Barbara Atkins, VP for Fashion Direction at Holt Renfrew talk about menswear. Last July, I met Barbara at the Holt Renfrew Fall 2010 Fashion Preview Event in Vancouver. The last time I saw her was in October at L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto. Barbara is one of Canada's premier fashion experts. When she says its "In", its "In". 

During the pre-show cocktails, Barbara and I had a brief chat to get re-acquainted. One thing we discussed were her thoughts around the changes in lifestyle and how that impacts the trends we're seeing this season. Not knowing, this was also the first 5-10 minutes of her presentation. Atkins said "People are moving away from formalities. Everything is quick, easy, casual. In fashion, the direction is leaning towards smart casual. Suits and ties, although still nice, are not the norm anymore. Today, its about comfort, ease and intelligence." And on personal style, Atkins gives great advice "Authenticity is your next heirloom. Personal style stems from color and off beat combinations. Have your modern classic pieces, and personalize them with folklore and global decorative inspirations." 

Here are the top Menswear Trends for FW 2010

1) Battle Gear. Military inspirations are seen across all dimensions of wardrobe. From combat boots, to military detailing on jackets and coats, to army green totes (aka "man bags"), this is the theme for the season. 

2) Knit Picking. Cardigans, vests, knit outerwear, urban joggers and toques are just some of the must have knitted pieces for Fall/Winter 2010. Cashmere is still the best when it comes to comfort, warmth and ts soft feel to the skin. Merino Wool is great alternative.

3) Jacket Required. Whether it be tweed or velvet, pinstripe or solid, every man needs a jacket in their wardrobe. Its that one piece when added to a plain white tshirt and jean ensemble makes it a sophisticated and modern trio.Coordinate your jackets with a cool, silk pocket square or fashion forward skinny tie.

4) Jean-ology. Its not a faux pas to wear denim with denim. This season, there'll be a lot of varieties on how denim is treated and worn. You'll see the brave souls mixing denim washes for their tops and bottoms. and some will simply be happy with a flattering pair of distressed denim jeans. This fall/winter dress up or dress down your denim with some of the other trends this season.

So what are my top "Must Haves" for the season? Here's what I'm thinking:

- A slim tailored tweed, herringbone or moleskin jacket.
- A pair of distressed slim boot cut ,dark indigo washed denim jeans
- A pair of vintage or vintage looking leather combat boots
- A 3 button Henley t-shirt
- Accessories: Utility Bag (aka Man Bag), necklaces with unique pendants, slouchy toque, over sized scarf.

Happy Shopping!


JimmyStyle said...

great article. love the trends for the season. looking forward to updating my closet.

Yvette said...

I've recently discovered your blog here, and wish I would have stumbled upon it much sooner! It's now and my

list, and I'll be back to read more very soon.

paulo said...

thanks,yvette. looking forward to more of your feedback.