Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Keep it SIMPLE

The last time I did a review on shoes from Simple, I commented that "it felt like I was walking on air". This holiday they've come out with a new line eco-friendly shoes that doesn't disappoint one's sensitive feet. One of my favorites from that line is the CARwalk, which is made from eco-certified suede. You're probably what that means. To keep it simple, the suede is from an eco-certified tannery (BLC/ISO 14001). A tannery is a place where hide is treated to make it into leather. Aside from the suede, the shoe's flannel lining and shoe laces are made from organic cotton from non-genetically modified seeds and is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. 

So what makes this shoe so soft to walk on? The "pedbed" aka the cushiony and supportive padding at the bottom of the shoe, is made of super soft, squishy polyurethane and recycled car tire. The sole is also made of recycled rubber tires offering great grip for those slippery slides in the rain. 

In black and in classic taupe, the skate style casual looks of the CARwalk make it a great addition to any man's shoe collection. Spray it with some eco-friendly all protector water repellent and you're ready to battle the elements of the season.

Price $135. Available where Simple is sold or online  

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Peter said...

I read your first posting on the Gumshoe from Simple. Bought those in the summer. Will buy this one for Christmas and probably will get another one for Dad. He'll like the one in Taupe. Great post.