Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Portella IPhone/ITouch Case

Sometimes shopping last minute has its price. At $150, this full grain leather IPhone/ITouch case makes a great present for your techie yet sophisticated boyfriend. The minimilast aspects of this leather case makes you wonder why it costs so much. 

The Portella IPhone/ITouch Case 

Well, its soft leather case, stylish gold zipper and minimalist functionaility makes it more than its worth. It also not only holds your gadget in place, but has enough room for business cards, credit/debit cards, and your executive class frequent flyer card. If you're looking for something to stylize his I-device, this will fit the bill. Available online at Want Les Essentials de la Vie.

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Anonymous said...

Simple but chic, soon to be a classic. Love!