Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Let John Varvatos turn you into a ROCKSTAR this holiday with Rock Volume 1

John Varvatos continues to be one of my fashion and fragrance icons. His clothing and fragrance line to me epitomizes what COOL looks and smells like. In the summer, the Artisan fragrance was a hit among ISTYLEU readers. This Christmas, John Varvatos would like you to try  Rock Volume 1. Yes, there's word of a volume 2 just like one of those "Best Of " CD sets. 

Given the rock and roll inspiration behind the product, the box resembles that of a speaker. And as you open the box, its hard not to notice the heavy metal casing and bolt cap packaging of bottle. The flask shape and the JV icons on the casing tells the whole story around John Varvatos and his love for Rock and Roll music. My interpretation of the icons "John Varvatos.King of Rock and Roll. Established in 2000".

The rock and roll vibe carries on to the actual scent of this product. With notes of coffee and rose absolute, this Fall scent is sensual, masculine, and explosive. Outside of the great scent, what also struck me about the fragrance is its longevity. Where some colognes easily evaporate when sprayed on your skin, this one lasted for at least 24 hours. On my clothes, they've lasted for longer making it a great all-day, all night fragrance.

Rock Volume 1 is a limited edition and I've been told that Volume 2 will be released next year and Volume 3 a year after that. So get your Rock & Rollo mojo going and visit your nearest John Varvatos store or department store where John Varvatos fragrances are sold. Price $82.00

For more information on John Varvatos Fragrances click HERE.


--- seth from los angeles, california -- said...

i love the Rock Volume 1. my girlfriend gave this to me as an advanced christmas present last week. let's just say her girlfriends are thinking about getting it for their boyfriends as well. it smells awesome! definitely a must have in every mans scent gallery.

shi zhan said...

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