Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: BE what others ARE NOT with Hardihood

What makes a great T-shirt? Wearability. Unique design. Fit. Sometimes when guys buy tees the first thing we look at is the brand. Brands come and go, but quality doesn't. The best t-shirts I find are made of 100% cotton, have a modern fit, and a design that you don't see on every man at the mall or on the street. Hardihood shirts and hoodies fall in that category. With products made in Canada, the brand reflects the "courage to be different". And it shows in the diversity of designs of their tshirts and hoodies.  

One of my favorites from their Fall-Winter collection is the Striking Tee that retails for $80. I refuse to wear t-shirts that have big, obnoxious, overpowering logos in the front. But for some reason, this t-shirt was different. The graffiti like print, the 3 letter breakdown of the name (makes you read), and the strong style statement on the back makes this a unique piece. Plus its made of 100% cotton and has a great feel to the skin.

Another piece you should check out is the Motto Pullover. The best hoodies are the ones that have weight and substance, not just in design but also in the fabric used. This thick cotton-poly blend hoodie has a thermal lined hood which keeps the your head warm during those cold winter days and nights. The gel screen print design on the back of Hardihood's unique slogan also gives this simple hoodie an elegant touch.

Some celebrities spotted wearing Hardihood include Taylor Lautner from Twilight and New Moon fame, DJ Roger Sanchez and Minnesota Twins hitter Justin Morneau.

"I AM WHAT YOU ARE NOT" is a life motto every person should live by. One must strive to be different and globally we have to celebrate those differences. Start by picking up one of these pieces at the following stores listed here.


Sam said...

i love the t-shirt and the hoodie. do they sell online?

Your Stylist said...

thanks,sam. it is great product. i don't know if they sell online. but i'll ask them to answer your question here on ISTYLEU.

HardihoodCC said...

Hey Sam,

We currently don't sell online, but take a look at our website!

We've got our whole collection on there. Once you've chosen what you like, email the info to thomas(at) and we will tell you the availability and price. As a token of our appreciation we'll take care of the shipping for you.

Bench Mens Jackets said...

The street styles are awash with indivuals clad in hooded tops, these stand out though, I would put on a quality mens jacket!