Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Minute Gift Ideas: The Kindle from Amazon

One of the most celebrated electronic devices of 2009, the Kindle from Amazon is a must have for the guy who is an avid reader. Why carry a bunch of books from the library, when the Kindle can hold up to 1,500 titles in its magazine-thick casing. Its got 3G wireless so you can order books, read blogs, and access wikipedia from practically anywhere.

You can read for a week without having to recharge the battery; much better than the old model that only lasted for 4 days. And if you get tired from "flipping the pages", you can have Kindle read you the book in clear audio. Available on Amazon for $259.

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Anonymous said...

Is that what I'm getting from you for Xmas? :) Seriously a good idea, thx for sharing!